Protecting you from wire fraud

Protecting you from wire fraud

Protecting you from wire fraud

  • Posted by admin
  • On August 7, 2023

Buying or selling a home is exciting but it should also be safe. We are helping our Buyers and Sellers protect their investments by using Closinglock, the leading provider of wire fraud prevention software for the real estate industry. Designed to protect from social engineering, email spoofing, clone phishing, email hacking, imposter fraud, and compromised accounts, Closinglock boasts a seamless user interface, and numerous integrations. Through Closinglock, our Buyers and Sellers will be able to securely access or send wiring instructions, and they will also be able to upload, complete and e-sign pre-closing forms. Be on the lookout for new step-by-step instructions when you close with us! 🔒 Download Info Sheet (PDF)

Wire fraud is a serious problem

Cyber criminals target you and other real estate transaction participants in order to steal funds that are being transferred during closings. They hack emails, impersonate title companies and spoof your real estate agent in an effort to trick you into sending funds to fraudulent bank accounts that they control. In 2021, cyber criminals stole over $350 million from 13,638 real estate fraud victims.

How it works

  1. You will receive a text or email notification to log in to Closinglock.
  2. Use any device to securely log into Closinglock’s portal.
  3. Securely upload your wire instructions or documents.
  4. Instantly verify your identity in the Closinglock portal.

Do not trust wire information outside of Closinglock

Do not trust anyone who reaches out to you in an attempt to provide or request wire
instructions. This includes phone calls, emails, links, attachments, letters, etc. If you have
any questions, call your title company on a phone number that you get directly from
their website.

For more information, call our office at (706) 632-0444.